Sunday, March 11, 2012


Twitter was abuzz with the surprise free show at Moody Theater on Saturday. Third Eye Blind played all three of their hits (Matt says they have four, Wikipedia claims six) to the delight of hot chicks and DBs alike.

Two highlights of the evening were Brad Hargreaves' drum solo and Stephan Jenkins' ability to throw only one glow stick at a time despite holding a handful of glow sticks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

BZA Merch

Get ready for all your BZA events, business affairs, or just a casual night out. BZA is proud to announce a new merchandise design and product line hitting the shelves soon.

Koozie ~ $2

T-Shirt ~ $10

Polo Shirt ~ $25
Polo's will have the Lion Crest & BZA embroidered on the left breast. I'll throw up a picture as soon as I get one.

Let me know if you want some merch.



I believe I am the only one on earth that enjoys Michael Ian Black. Happy hour at Opals South features $1.00 off Belgian beers. What's the connection? Post your answer in the comments below.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BZA on the Green

We've all been representing with our BZA blue & BZA brown but I'd say it's time for a little BZA on the Green. Come on out to Zilker Park tonight from 7:30-9:30 and revel in the festivities with your fellow members. Feel free to bring potential pledge class recruits with you as well. There will be plenty of drinkz, laffz, and blanketz (slankets are optional). We have booked local blues favorites, Los Lonely Boys, to provide music for our event. Don't forget to have your answers ready for tonight's trivia question: How far is heaven? The person within the nearest mile will receive a free koozie (with handle) provided by our friends at Polycom. For those members tied up with evening classes at National American University, remember they can be taken online anytime, heck even Saturday is alright. See you out there!

*Pre-Party festivities will take place at the BZA Annex (aka Deep Eddy Cabaret) beginning at 6:20pm

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green or Red?

Hatch Chile Fest 08/17 - 08/30 | @ Central Market (map)
What turns a breakfast taco into a breakfast burrito? Hatch green chile! I don't care for the new Central Market radio ad, and I didn't care to go to the actual Hatch Chile Festival as a child, but I do care to add a little green chile flavor to any of my dishes. Whataburger tastes great with green chile, and so does Grandy's.

Hatch Chile Fest begins tomorrow at all Central Market locations.  If you don't know how to roast them, you can buy them roasted. If you don't know how to cook with them, they have food with chiles already in them. If you don't like green chiles, I'm sure they have all the red ones you desire.

Visit the Chile Pepper Institute for more information.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

BZA Vegas 2011 Back in Action

It's been a few months, so it's past time for another Vegas vacation. The BZA Vegas 2011 blog is now active again. Want to post to either blog? Send me a line.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do BZA 512

BZA Friday: Fado Fri. 08/12 | 8:00PM @ Fado (map)
Matt says that he and a group can get a free appetizer and a beer. So, Matt's in. Send him a facebook post, or like his status, or poke him for more details.